Travel to Dallas

Flying to Dallas

American Airlines and British Airways operate direct flights to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport  from the UK. American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines and US Airways fly to the same airport from other cities within the USA. Delta, Seaport Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Virgin American fly to Dallas Love Field Airport. Since Dallas is a year-round destination in the middle of the USA, flight rates can fluctuate without regard to the season. However, flights are generally lower in the hottest part of summer and in the winter, apart from Christmas, and a bit higher in spring and autumn.

Flight times

From London - 10 hours; New York - 3 hours 30 minutes; Los Angeles - 3 hours; Toronto - 3 hours 30 minutes; Sydney - 15 hours 35 minutes.

City Airports: 
Dallas Love Field(DAL)
Telephone:+1 972 973 3112

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is located approximately 32km (20 miles) northwest of Dallas and 39km (24 miles) northeast of Fort Worth.


Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has multiple ATMs and bureaux de changes within the terminal buildings.


Luggage trolleys are available throughout all terminals. Luggage lockers are not available. For lost and found services, contact the Travelers Aid desk (tel: +1 972 973 4420).

Travel by road


The motorway (interstate and freeway) network in Texas, as across the USA, is very good. The general rule for numbering on US freeways and interstates is that the odd numbers go north-south and the even numbers go east-west over their whole length, although at any single, localised point it may seem different. Driving is on the right. The speed limits on the different motorways can vary - the general maximum is 90kph (55mph) but some rural interstates allow limits of 110kph (70mph). Town residential areas can be as slow as 30kph (20mph). It is illegal to pass a yellow school bus when it is stationary with its lights flashing. It is possible to turn right on a red light, after stopping to check that it is clear, unless otherwise indicated.

The minimum driving age is 18 years, although drivers from out of state with a valid licence can drive from 16 years old. A national driving licence is valid but an International Driving Permit is a good idea if your licence isn't in English. Third-party insurance is mandatory, although it is highly recommended for driving visitors to ensure that they have adequate travel medical insurance, as the cost of medical treatment in the USA is huge. Virtually all petrol stations are open 24 hours a day on main roads and operate a prepay system, using a credit card at the pumps - otherwise, it is necessary to make yourself known to the cashier.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) (tel: +1 800 765 0766; provides information and may offer reciprocal benefits to members of automobile clubs in other countries. It is necessary to report a serious accident to the authorities. To do so, call the Dallas Police (tel: 911, in the USA only).

Emergency breakdown service:

AAA (tel: +1 800 222 4357).


Dallas is encircled by a motorway link road - to the north and east it is the I-635 (the LBJ Freeway); to the south of the city, the east-west interstate is I-20; and to the west it is L-12 (north part) and S-20 (south part). Various interstates meet this beltway and pass on towards the city centre. The ones that go right across the city are the north-south I-35, which goes to Austin and San Antonio in the south, and the east-west I-30, which goes to Fort Worth in the west. The other major highways are US75 (the Central Expressway) from the north, the US67 from the southwest, the US80 from the east, the US175 and the I-45 from the southeast, which links to Houston.

Driving times:

From Fort Worth - 40 minutes; Houston - 3 hours 30 minutes; Austin - 3 hours; San Antonio - 4 hours 30 minutes.


Greyhound (tel: +1 800 231 2222; runs coaches throughout the USA and operates out of the bus station at 250 South Lamar Street (tel: +1 214 849 6831).

Megabus (tel: +1 877 462 6342; operates coaches from downtown Dallas’ DART East Transfer Center at 330 North Olive Street to Austin, Houston and San Antonio and several cities outside Texas.


Travel by rail


The main station is Union Station, 400 South Houston Street, on the western side of Downtown. Take time to enjoy the 1916 architecture in this beautiful railway station. A good standard of service, with modern networks and rolling stock, is provided by Amtrak, although trains are fairly slow.


Amtrak (tel: +1 800 872 7245; is the USA's national rail operator. The two major routes out of Dallas aboard the Texas Eagle are northeast to Chicago and southwest to San Antonio, Texas, with connections available to other destinations.

There are also two light rail options. You can pick up DART, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit trains, which cover the whole of Dallas County and main points of interest. You can also take the TRE (Trinity Railway Express), which goes to Victory Plaza, home of the American Airlines Arena, where sports events and musical concerts are held, DFW Airport and to downtown Fort Worth. 

Journey times:

From Chicago - 21 hours 45 minutes; San Antonio - 8 hours 20 minutes.

Transport to the city:

Taxi cabs and car rentals are located nearby in Downtown.

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