Restaurants in Dallas

Juicy steaks, BBQ ribs and of course, chili – there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to eating out in Dallas, so long as you like your supper big and meaty. Big D is also a good place to try Tex-Mex cuisine – neighboring New Mexico claims to have invented it but Texans say it was then. Either way, don’t leave without tasting some.

The restaurants below have been grouped into three different price categories:
Expensive (over US$50)
Moderate (US$30 to US$50)
Cheap (up to US$30)
These prices are for dinner for two people, excluding tax, alcohol or tips. In general, there is a sales tax of 8.25% added to restaurant bills. However, in reality, this tax varies and some restaurants only add the tax to either food or drink. Tipping of between 15 and 20% is expected and in some restaurants this may be added to the bill.


Price: Expensive
Cuisine: American

Located inside the Ritz Carlton hotel, Fearing’s is Dallas at its most Dynasty – and is usually awash with oil barons and cowboys who have made a killing. As a result, the food is souped-up Americana – think buffalo in place of beef and the best fried chicken on the planet. Check out the El Diablo bar next door too.

Address: 2121 McKinney Avenue, Uptown, Dallas, Texas
Telephone: +1 214 922 4848.

Flora Street Cafe

Price: Expensive
Cuisine: South-western

Run by local chef Stephan Pyles, Flora Street serves a modern take on Texan food alongside classic south-western dishes. Located inside a chic glass and wood cube-style building, highlights include the butternut squash salad and the lobster tamale pie. For those who want to try everything, there’s a tasting menu. Don’t forget to try one or some of the cocktails either.

Address: 2330 Flora Street, Arts District, Dallas, Texas
Telephone: +1 214 580 7000.


Price: Expensive
Cuisine: Asian-influenced American cuisine

Arguably one of Dallas’ most sophisticated restaurants, Abacus doesn’t come cheap but what you get tastes seriously good. Food is cooked in an open kitchen and the menu is heavy on meat, although there are some excellent pasta and fish options. The best part though, is the cleverly edited (and very extensive) wine list.

Address: 4511 McKinney Avenue, Uptown, Dallas, Texas
Telephone: +1 214 559 3111.

La Duni

Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Latin American

Trying to ignore the front table and glass case filled with lavish sweets is impossible, but save those for last. First, savour the grilled Argentinian-style Picanha steak with chimichurri mojo or the Brazilian-style roasted chicken. Wash it down with a mint-infused mojito – they’re the best in town.

Address: 4620 McKinney Avenue, Uptown, Dallas, Texas
Telephone: +1 214 520 7300.

Primo's Tex-Mex Grille

Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Tex Mex

One of the best places in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for Tex-Mex food; the tasty fare and the lovely lakeside location make it worth the 40 mile drive from Dallas. Highlights include the avocado enchiladas and the corn tortilla soup – although there are burgers and steaks for the meat-minded.

Address: 4861 Bass Pro Drive, Lakeside, Garland, Texas
Telephone: +1 972 226 8100.

HG Sply Co.

Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Paleo

The menu might be based on the ultra-fashionable Paleo diet but there’s nothing dull about the food at HG Sply Co. Think lots of nuts, seeds, meat and vegetables – but transformed into tasty dishes such as quinoa burgers, pulled pork tacos and a filling grains and greens salad. The décor is quirkily cool to boot.

Address: 2008 Greenville Avenue, Uptown, Dallas, Texas
Telephone: +1 469 334 0896

Maple & Motor

Price: Cheap
Cuisine: American

A real old-fashioned burger joint, Maple & Motor specializes in fully loaded burgers – think a fat patty topped with cheese, bacon, grilled onions, jalapeno and a fried egg to boot. You won’t be able to get your mouth round it but it will taste oh-so good. The nursery-style sides include tater tots and onion rings, while the drink of choice is ice cold beer.

Address: 4810 Maple Avenue, Oak Lawn, Dallas, Texas
Telephone: +1 214 522 4400.

Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse

Price: Cheap
Cuisine: BBQ

The first Sonny Bryan’s opened in 1910 and the menu hasn’t changed much since – although that’s all to the good. Expect every sort of BBQ meat imaginable, along with classic sides such as ranch beans and potato salad all served up ranch style. Puddings include old-fashioned sweet treats such as cheesecake.

Address: Texas Moline Building, 302 N Market Street, Downtown, Dallas, Texas
Telephone: +1 214 744 1610.

Rodeo Goat

Price: Cheap
Cuisine: American

Cheap and cheerful but, as they say in Texas, darn tasty. Rodeo Goat is a quirkily named burger joint that makes its own organic beef patties from scratch and serves them up with a variety of calorific accompaniments – think freshly-made fries and ‘Texas caviar’ (pickled black-eye peas salad).

Address: 1926 Market Center Boulevard, Design District, Dallas, Texas
Telephone: +1 214 741 4628.
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