Things to do in Palermo

Hike the old pilgrim’s way to Saint Rosalia

For hikers wanting a little challenge, nearby Madonie Nature Park boasts six peaks over 1,500m (4921ft) and great views to boot. Easier is the old pilgrim’s way, which leads to the sanctuary of Saint Rosalia on Monte Pellegrino. The walk takes about 1 hour 40 minutes to complete.

Catch the breeze with some water sports

As it’s a coastal city, there are plenty of water sports possible off Palermo and a number of companies offering classes and equipment hire. Make the most of the breeze and try your hand at kitesurfing; Kitesurf Palermo (tel: +39 392 368 9854; will show you how. If that’s not your thing, Albaria (tel: +39 91 453 595; focus on windsurfing.

Dive among the colourful corals of Sicily

If you think the sights of Sicily are stunning, wait until you’re under the sea. Between April and October, divers can explore the waters off Palermo. Ustica is a nearby marine park, home to lobsters, bream and barracudas plus colourful corals. Ustica Diving Center (tel: +39 335 821 0017; takes divers to the best spots.

Learn how to cook like a Sicilian

Sicilians are very proud of their cuisine, none more so than Mamma Lucia (tel: +39 091 612 4095; Join her for a tasting tour around Palermo's markets to try local delicacies such as pane con la milza (regrettably translated as spleen sandwich) before heading to the kitchen to learn some of Sicily’s more appetising dishes.

Grab a ticket for a Sicilian opera

Like the rest of Italy, Sicily has a strong operatic culture but unlike the mainland, the performers are puppets You’ll see them in the souvenir shops, dead-eyed in elaborate dress, but they’re much more impressive alive. Catch a show and watch as two puppeteers breathe life into 20 marionettes (tel: +39 91 323 400;

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