Travel to Montserrat

Flying to Montserrat

The nearest international gateway is Antigua. Fly Montserrat ( and ABM Air ( operate daily flights from Antigua to Montserrat.

Flight times:

To Montserrat: from Antigua - 20 minutes.

To Antigua: London - 9 hours; New York - 4 hours.

Departure tax:

EC$35 (US$13) for CARICOM nationals and EC$55 (US$21) for other nationals.

Other airports in Montserrat

Gerald R Ford International Airport

Airport Code: MNI. Location: Website: Public transport description: N/A

Travel by rail

Getting to Montserrat by boat

Ferry operators:

A passenger ferry runs between Antigua and Montserrat (journey time - 90 minutes). See for the latest timetables.

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