Shopping in Hamburg

Shopping opportunities in Hamburg are of exactly the affluent, upscale variety you’d expect from one of Europe’s most prosperous cities, and with a little bit extra. Hamburg’s main shopping mall, Europa Passage, is in fact the largest in Europe. Meanwhile, the historic city centre offers a profusion of intriguing and quirky second-hand stores, while those with plastic to melt can visit the expensive and über-chic fashion boutiques of the rejuvenated Schanzenviertel district.

Key areas

The main retail street in Hamburg is Mönckebergerstrasse, and there are several major indoor centres with varying degrees of exclusivity. Jungfernstieg and Neuer Wall boast the most expensive stores. The emphasis is on national and international brand names in fashion, jewellery and high-class furnishings.


The centrally located Altona Fish Market has been a lively and vibrant market ever since it began in 1703. It’s open daily and now sells an awful lot more than just fish. Locally, the market has something near cult status and is worth a stroll simply for the atmosphere and notoriously lively banter between stallholders.

Shopping centres

For those religiously dedicated to their shopping and the culture of the mall, a visit to Europa Passage, Ballindamm 40, will be like a pilgrimage to a major cathedral. This is the largest inner-city mall in all Europe; a vast retail sanctuary designed in spectacular contemporary style, spread over five floors and containing 120 shops housing every conceivable international brand name. The Hamburg's longest shopping centre Hamburger Meile, Hamburger Straße 27, hosts even 150 shops, restaurants and cafés. The biggest shopping temple of Hamburg with 240 shops is the AEZ Alstertal shopping centre, Heegbarg 31. No desire remains open in this mall. In the west of Hamburg there is the Elbe shopping centre, Osdorfer Landstraße 131-135, with 180 shops. A cosy little mall with shops with moderate prices is the shopping centre Harburg-Arcaden, Lüneburger Straße 39.

Opening hours

Shops in Hamburg are open Monday to Saturday from around 1000 to 1800; and until 2000 in the larger malls such as Europa Passage and on Mönckebergstrasse.

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